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H2X Show at 101st Calgary Stampede – Calgary, Canada 2013

Monday, July 8th, 2013

After leaving the race in Sparks, I continued up north to meet up with my buddies Tanner Thomas, Chris Rosner, and Jace Forest to perform in the 2 week H2X water show at the 101st Calgary Stampede in Canada. 14 hour days 4-7 shows a day for 2 weeks was one of the coldest but coolest experiences we have been able to be apart of. I rode my Matrix Freeride ski in freestyle segments of the show and operated for my friend Andre on the Flyboard. The trip had its hard times but overall was another incredible international experience that jetskiing made possible for me.

Click here or the photo bellow to view my H2X Stunt Show – Canada Event Photo Album


3 Months Abroad Working at Jet Stunt Extreme Gold Coast, Australia 2013

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

I was hired by Jon Cooke Entertainment to fly out on an incredible 3 months living and working at the “Jet Stunt Extreme” live stunt show at Sea World, Australia. A killer experience living an endless summer, riding surf from time to time, meeting new friends, participating in freeride events, races, Sponsor WORX Photoshoots, performing one more time at the Toowoomba fair Jetski Pirates show and much more.

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Moving to Australia for 3 months to work at the Jet Stunt Extreme Show 2013

Sunday, January 27th, 2013


With Jon Cooke and other riders at Jet Stunt Extreme 2012


Just a few days ago I received a call from Jon (Wire) Cooke who owns and operates the live PWC stunt show “Jet Stunt Extreme” at Sea World, Australia. A new performer there got injured and they are down a man in the peak of their summer season. I have accepted a 3 month contract to work there to help fill in for their downed rider. I leave Tuesday, January 29th and will be returning home around the beginning of May.  I have been spending the last 4 days since then confirming details of this job, and franticly preparing my extended absence at my current day job Pacific Motorsports. Interviewing and hiring someone to best replace my position there in my extended absence.

I Jet stunt Extreme Show area Sunset performed the Super jet role which I am going to be working as, during my visit last year. It is by far one of the most fun experiences I have ever had during a live show, as far as how much is involved with stand up jet skis. This job is really a dream job for any stand up jet ski enthusiast, and place of that job in beautiful surfers paradise Australia. Which has me nearly foaming out the mouth I’m that excited. As you could imagine, I have quite a bit to do before I depart over seas for 3 months in 2 days. Fortunately, this time away will give me a chance to finally be able to catch up with my website, to be able to bring you guys and my sponsors up to date with all of my recent events and adventures.


Click here to see a video from a Jet Stunt Extreme show I performed in last year.


Jet stunt Extreme Venue Australia


Click the photo to the right to view the gallery from my first trip to Australia –>

I hope to meet all kinds of new friends, this is going to be an incredible experience and I look forward to getting out there, working in paradise, riding some Aussie surf, and seeing what this adventure will bring to my life over the next 3 months abroad.

Thanks again to Jon Cooke Entertainment for the opportunity, I’m stoked to be able to help out and work a a place like this!

Stay tuned for more updates from down under, For now i have to pack!


Australian Jet Stunt Adventure Recap 2012

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

In early April, I was flown out to Australia by Jon Cooke Entertainment to perform in a jet ski stunt show in the small town of Toowoomba. The show was called “Jet Ski Pirates” and the video of the show is available to view by clicking the link above. The show was performed by Jon Cooke Entertainment riders Cayle Beauchamp, Brodie Edwards, Mitchell Brady, Captain 2-Stroke performed by actor Dan Stewart. I performed as myself being an American tourist audience member who gets recruited to be a fellow jet ski pirate with some choreographed riding, audience interaction, and ultimately being set on fire at the end of the show. We performed this show 3 times a day for 3 days during the Toowoomba show festival.

After we wrapped up the pirates gig, we drove back to Surfers Paradise where I met up with world champion pro freestyle rider Lee Stone , Jon “Wire” Cooke, and the rest of the Jet Stunt Extreme crew at Sea World, Australia. I spent the next few days training/trying out for the Rickter role in the show. Jon has a few Rickter XFS hulls with DASA 950 Power valve engines in them. A video from my training is featured Here.

Jon ended up extending my original 2 week stay for another 3 weeks as we discussed the possibility of further training. However the next day after my trip was extended, things at the show began to fall apart. The ramps suddenly needed large quick repairs, 4 Rickter engines blew up within a week due to a series of horrible quality engine rods, and me personally almost going through and over one of the ramps as it broke during practice. Between all the madness of repairing skis and ramps I slowly began training to perform as one of the superjet roles in the show. This required me to learn how to nose stabs and subs off the big 15 ft super kicker ramp, ride over the slider, a flat water freestyle routine, tons of other choreographed riding patterns, and drive one of the outboard boats to create the “V” wake for the Rickter riders at the end of the show. Training and performing this role was an absolute BLAST. I had the best time of my life performing this role. Nothing but fist pumps and yelling at the crowd getting them all to feel how we felt.. which was just stupid excited and stoked to ride jet skis while getting paid. But in all seriousness this show is hands down the most entertaining and action packed Stand up jet ski show available in the world. Jon Cooke has created a great show and assembled a great team of riders who all do their part to come together and keep the show going when problems show up. Click here to watch footage from one of the jet stunt shows that I performed in. 

Between it all, I was staying at Lee Stone’s apartment. It was really cool to get to know Lee, he has a ton of goals and is working really hard to make big things happen at the 2012 World Finals. He helped me get around and provided a kick ass little scooter for me to romp around on when our schedules pulled apart. We hit up the local casino a few nights to win some cash we ended up using to buy dinner at Sushi Train almost every night. I was also introduced to a kick ass Mexican place to eat called Guzman Y Gomez! Toward the end of the trip Jon had also flown out his engine builder and provider Kyle Kennedy of DASA, to come check out the show and Australia jet ski titles race that was going on that last weekend of the trip. The day before we left Jon took Kyle and I to see his friend Luke who is Australia’s best helicopter pilot and go for one of the most bitchin helicopter rides I have ever been on. It was the best way to have seen the Gold coast and wrap up the adventure.

There is a possibility that I may go back sometime next year when things come back together and get busier for the Jet stunt extreme crew. Until then I cannot thank Jon “Wire” Cooke enough for making it all happen for me, it was an incredible experience.

Check out the full photo Gallery from the trip here

Next stop Parker, AZ for the first closed course race of 2012.


Australia Bound to Perform And Try out For Jon Cooke Entertainment Jet ski shows

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

My mind is pretty much mush right now as I am typing this, I am so excited…

I was just contacted this afternoon by Australian Pro Freerider and Jet Ski Stunt Coordinator, Jon Cooke. Jon operates and coordinates the absolutely gnarly Jet Ski Extreme stunt show at Sea World in Australia. Jon also manages and puts together tons of other Jet ski related events all around Australia, and has been working to expand his shows overseas, including the US.

I have been invited however to perform in the “Jet Ski Pirates” show for 5 days in Toowoomba, Australia. I am Leaving tomorrow (March 23rd) at Midnight and will be coming back on April 6th. While I am there I will have the opportunity to experience Australia, meet tons of new friends that I have got the chance to see in recent Freeride videos, eat tons of meat pies, pet kangaroos, see my American/Australian friend Kevin Rickon, ride some Australian surf, and finally try out for the opportunity to perform at the Sea World show for 3 months and live with world champion Pro Freestyle rider, Lee Stone! Lee Just called me earlier to see how everything was going and was super helpful and welcoming to the whole opportunity. I am still trying to put my sanity back together as I write this because I am leaving for another country with just a little more than 24 hours heads up..

So expect some updates while I’m over there and some footage from the trip of coarse. Over all my mind is completely blown and I will see my new Australian friends very soon!

Big thanks goes out to Jon Cooke, visit his website to see all of the action I may be able to be apart of in the next few months.

Until then.. cheers to 2 weeks in OZ Here we go!


My first Stunt Job: Adidas commercial with Ken Jeong “Slim Chin” & Derrick Rose

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

In July 2010 I was called to stunt double the famous actor Ken Jeong for the “Slim Chin” Adidas Commercial. I rode the Gold Painted Kawasaki 550 Jet Ski in the “caviar pool” and stood in for Ken on top of the Lady Pyramid. The commercial was shot at a super nice home off of Sunset Blvd. This Commercial with Ken Jeong as Slim Chin and Derrick Rose as himself is Hilarious. Hands down it was a great experience I wont forget.


-Mark G.

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