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Making Progress

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

For the last two weeks I have been slowly but surely rebuilding my motor with some new and interesting parts.

Within the last three weeks, I have received my engine parts from my sponsor Paul Lehr of Lehr Performance Watercraft. Paul did many great things to dial in my engine.
His services included:
-Porting my cylinder for low end power
-Lightening my flywheel for improved throttle response
-Boring my pump nozzle to increase thrust
-Epoxied the gap on my intake manifold.
-Jetted and dialed in my 44mm carburetors to the porting specs.
-Bored and port matched my factory pipe, manifold, and head pipe.

I am very excited to feel the light yet powerful punch this motor will deliver out in the surf!
My hat is off to Paul, he did great work to give me the best I can get with what I have.

A Week later I received a HUGE package from Wamilton with the few parts that I needed to complete my motor rebuild and a few items that just blew me away!

Wamilton sent me over $2,000 worth of parts and his products, including:
-A heavy duty Rick Roy handlepole Bracket
-A carbon fiber Factory Pipe chamber
-2 ADA 33cc domes for the ADA girdled head they gave to me in Havasu
-2 Pistons from their 2008 superjets that are ran once from factory before they tear them apart.
-Wamilton’s signature lowered hood system with 2 hand holds. (I will paint black)
-A carbon fiber lowered nose piece

I was so excited when I received these parts, I ripped off my stock hood and handle pole, and laid everything together to catch a glimpse of my future ski.

I did not expect Wamilton to send me these outstanding parts. He and the rest of the shop family’s trust and belief in me is appreciated and respected beyond any words I can think of.

Now that I have all my parts, it is all on me to finish the job, and get back into the water as soon as I can.

I started with my motor work at my sponsor shop and work, Pacific Motorsports In Brea, CA. Gordon the owner has contributed many small, and big parts I needed including: All gaskets & seals for the motor, carburetor rebuild parts, the tools, necessary products, and most of all his time to guide and assist me through the entire rebuild process. I am very thankful for his support. His logo may not be the loudest speaking on my ski, Yet without the things he contributes towards my riding progress, I would not be where I am today.

The entire build did not take too long. I worked between every non-working, and school gap I could be in the shop.

I began the entire build process by sandblasting almost all of my engine parts and repainting it a full gloss black paint. From there, with the help of Gordon for technical processes, I was able to get the motor from being in pieces in my work bay, to sitting on my dresser ready to rock in a week.

Here are the pictures from the build process:

To keep track of the complete build project, visit my build thread on at here.

That is where I am right now. Later this week I plan to haul the hull and hood to my fiberglass sponsor, and good friends at Performance Fiberglass to begin the work on the hull.

Until the next time,

-Mark Gomez

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