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Recipient of 2013’s All -around Rider of the Year Award by ProRider Watercraft Magazine


I am extremely grateful to announce that the staff at ProRider Watercraft Magazine have selected me to be the “2013 All -around Rider of the Year.” This was released in the January 2014 Issue debuted at the 2014 Daytona Beach Freeride event.
This is a huge honor which I have worked my butt off to achieve by chasing my dream and passion for riding stand up jet skis in all aspects I come to enjoy, Freeriding, Racing, and Freestyle. It’s all been a great learning experience. Each aspect has challenged me to better myself and work on areas of my riding that ultimately have helped to support every one of them all together without realizing it.

A big thank you to my supporting 2013 Sponsors and ProRider Watercraft Magazine who made this possible for me:
Kommander Industries, Hydro-Turf, Liquid Militia Clothing, Impros, WORX, Blowsion, Cold Fusion, Trinity Composites, Bomber Eyewear, Hot Products, Performance Fiberglass, Pacific Motorsports, and my older brother Philip Gomez.

6 years, from Rookie to Pro.. Thank you Ross & Joe

2008 Joe Kenney Rookie of the year AwardReceiving this award means the world to me because 6 years ago I received the one and only 2008 Joe Kenney Rookie of the Year Award at the annual October JK Freeride event presented by Ross Champion and Joe himself. Receiving this award from these guys was the biggest surprise and most considerate thing they could do for a kid fresh out of high school who was now able to travel, ride, and at that point became 110% stoked on the dream of riding professionally with these guys. It really kicked me into gear having the belief and support of the top guys, even if it was only meant as a kind simple gesture.

Fast forward 6 years later and here I am now… Joe, Ross,  anyone else who was behind that award back in 2008, and anyone who has ever supported me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much!

-Mark Gomez


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