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Hot Products 2016 Catalog Cover

I am thrilled to have made the cover of the worlds best performance watercraft parts distributor Hot Products USA. Hundreds of copies getting printed and shipped to shops worldwide. Hot Products has been a strong standing sponsor for me for years and have really been a catalyst to a lot of my success in building and maintaining my equipment throughout the seasons.


2016-HP_back_cover2016 Hot Products Cover

Inside cover of Hot Products cover

Inside cover of Hot Products catalog

WetRacer Magazine January 2012

In this issue of WetRacer Magazine, I wrote the article covering the entire the 2011 Pismo “Rager” Freeride event from October 2011. This article features a ton of my good friends who rode with me that weekend including, Tanner Thomas, Zack Bright, Christian “Booster Nugget” Young, Pete Zernik, and Taylor Curtis.

Click here to view my own personal photo Gallery from this event.

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ProRider Watercraft Magazine January 2012

ProRider magazine blew my mind in this issue choosing me as one of 2011’s top 10 Freeriders. I am absolutely stoked and humbled from this, thanks ProRider Magazine! I am also featured in the Impros ad and a new ad.

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ProRider Watercraft Magazine November 2011

ProRider magazine featured Recaps of the Blowsion SurfSlam and the World Finals. I am featured in the SurfSlam segment for my Pro Motosurf Race title. I have my photo in the Impros Ad. I am also featured in a few photos from the World Finals segment as well as the mention of my racing world title.

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ProRider Watercraft Magazine October 2011

ProRider magazine made their official debut with this first October issue. I am featured in my Sponsor Impros’ ad inside the magazine.

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Watercraft Superstore Spring Catalog 2011

I am featured in Watercraft Superstore’s first annual Spring catalog. Inside they printed a 3 page article/ interview titled “Going Hollywood.” This article featured the on screen success of Larry RippenKroeger¬† and myself. This article also featured my involvement in the Adidas commercial and my appearance in the Movie “I Am Number Four”.

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2011 WSM Parts Catalog Cover Shot

An older photo I had taken ended up grabbing the attention the company “WSM Performance parts.” WSM sells OEM and a few of their own personal watercraft replacement parts to dealers and distributors world wide. This is their 2011 catalog, and they do not print new catalogs for 3-4 years at a time. This is 3-4 years of world wide exposure!

Mark Gomez on the Cover of the 2011 WSM Parts catalog

WetRacer Magazine June 2011- Cover Shot

WetRacer Magazine featured me on the cover of their June issue. They also have a 4 page article/ interview about my involvement in the Adidas commercial and my appearance in the Movie “I Am Number Four”.

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WetRacer Magazine January 2011

WetRacer Magazine covered the 2010 IJSBA World Finals in Lake Havasu, CA. I have a photo from when I competed in amateur freestyle on the QSM QS1 Hull.

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WetRacer Magazine October 2010

WetRacer Magazine covered the 2010 Blowsion SurfSlam Freeride event in Pacific City, Oregon. WetRacer did a great job pulling together an informative article and a ton of great photos from the event. I have a name mention in the article with my placing and a barrel roll photo as well.

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RIDE Magazine Summer 2010

RIDE Magazine covered a ton of events in a few short months during the early part of spring 2010. This issue was my largest amount of exposure in any magazine to date. I am featured in at least 8 pages of this magazine from 4 different events/sections. The first part is my full page re entry shot that they used for the new 2010 Kawasaki SXR Jet ski promo. The next adventure I have multiple photos in was the Liquid Militia team weekend article. After the team weekend article I was featured with a few photos from the Pismo Beach freeride article. Last but not least was my full spread shot for the title page of the 2010 APBA Parker, AZ race article riding Pete Zernik’s limited SXR.

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RIDE Magazine Fall 2010

RIDE Magazine covered the 2010 Daytona Beach Freeride event that I attended. I am mentioned in the article about the Barrel roll I did and 3rd place finishes during the motosurf race. There is also a Rise of the Tide promotional full page ad with my DVD cover shot in this issue.

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