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2012 New Ski: Enter the Trinity Matrix Freeride Hull

New Owner of my 2011 season Freeride HullIn early December 2011, I drove to Barstow, CA to meet up with fellow rider Al Madmon who purchased my 2011 season Yamaha Superjet freeride hull. Selling my hull provided the cash move forward and put down the deposit on my 2012 freeride hull. I am happy to officially announce that my 2012 hull will be a Trinity Matrix ES after market hull, built by Bobby Howering of Trinity Composites in Florida.

This last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet with Bobby while I was in Florida for the 8th annual Daytona Beach Freeride, where saw his shop, discussed the details, and signed the build contract. I have chosen the Matrix hull to be my next hull because of the bullet proof integrity that Bobby puts into his hulls and the unique style of the ski itself. During the entire 2011 season, I had the opportunity to ride many different hulls. However, at This and last year’s Daytona Freeride, I rode a friend’s Matrix hull. In no time at all I was able to ride it just as well if not better than on my freeride Superjet. The Matrix hull has similar characteristics of a Yamaha Superjet platform yet has front nose rocker technology, splash guard, wider bond rail, advanced front sponson design, and adjustable bolt on hull length pieces starting at -4 inches shorter than stock. These advanced hull concepts will help me achieve a greater riding style and up the amplitude of my aerial tricks in 2012.

Mark Gomez and Bobby Howering of Trinity CompositesBobby Howering and I after signing the build contract agreement

You can read all about the beginning stages of the Trinity Matrix Freeride hull in the 2009 Personal Watercraft illustrated article pages bellow.
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A Team Effort

This ski will be a team effort with the help of all of my sponsors. Steve Webster of Kommander Industries will be assembling an awesome Yamaha 760cc limited freeride engine and assembling the entire ski all together. Steve is also going to help arrange a unique looking vinyl wrap from LG1 Designs. David Stewart at Impros will provide a dialed in new Solas Magnum pump with his signature Hooker 9/15 series impeller. Hydro-Turf will pad the ski providing Injury protection, make it look great, and keep me on the ski all together.

As 2012 begins, I am confident that my other and future sponsors will assist with everything else needed in between. With my website updated, alive and kicking. I am now actively perusing opportunities for financial sponsorship to complete this project and fund my travel expenses for this years events. If you know anybody who may consider getting on board my sponsorship team including yourself, please feel free to download and view my current sponsorship proposal for 2012 and Contact me.  We aim to have this new ski built and in the water at the 2012 Pismo Spring Break Freeride March 9th 2012.

Here are some photos of a Trinity Matrix built for a customer a few years ago.
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Stay tuned for full build details and updates.


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