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Waterworld: Universal Studios Hollywood

I am currently apart of the cast at the “Waterworld” live stunt show at Universal Studios Hollywood performing as a smoker #7.
In the show I am first propelled out of a wall on a Kawasaki X2 into the main stage then performing coordinated jet ski riding patters, the first half towing a water skier. I perform a fight scene, and a high fall to my characters “death”.

Here are photos from some of my shows.

explosionThe launch after the explosionThe launch with #8 water skier

Mark Gomez riding Kawasaki SS to come pick up Helen CharacterMark Gomez Screaming at Mariner before chaseMark Gomez chasing Mike Serlin during show.

Mark Gomez doing a tail stand post showPost show meet and greet with audience Waterworld live stunt show rated #1

Adidas Commercial “Slim Chin & AdiZero Rose”

In July 2010 I was called to stunt double the famous actor Ken Jeong for the “Slim Chin” Adidas Commercial. I rode the Gold Painted Kawasaki 550 Jet Ski in the “caviar pool” and stood in for Ken on top of the Lady Pyramid. The commercial was shot at a super nice home off of Sunset Blvd. This Commercial with Ken Jeong as Slim Chin and Derrick Rose as himself is Hilarious. Hands down it was a great experience I won’t forget.

Dreamworks movie: “I Am Number Four”

Soon after the Adidas commercial, I was cast by Larry Rippenkroeger to work with coordinator Clay Cullen on the Dreamworks motion picture “I Am Number Four”. I was flown out to Islamorada, Fl and worked with the cast and crew of the film to film the opening scene of the movie. I did some coordinated riding on a 2010 Yamaha Superjet working with Eric Malone who doubled for the main actor Alex Pettyfer doing a huge back flip off a boat wake. The entire experience was a blast and the entire story is covered by Jeff Hemmel at In this story about how I got both stunt jobs called “The Life of Mark Gomez”

Mark Gomez Screen shot from Movie I Am Number FourMark Gomez in far right Corner

Mark Gomez in Character for I Am Number FourCody Johns and Mark GomezMark Gomez and Eric Malone on set of I am Number fourClay Cullen and Mark Gomez at LAXRelaxing between shoot times Mark Gomez at I am Number Four Premier in LA

“Jet Ski Pirates” Live Stunt Show Toowoomba, Australia March 2012

In March 2012 I was flown out with a days notice to Australia to perform in this Jet ski Pirates show in the small town of Toowoomba. I was hired by Jon Cooke Entertainment and worked with other JCE riders from the Sea World Jet Stunt Extreme show. Those riders were Cayle Beauchamp, Mitchell Brady, and Brodie Edwards. Local actor Dan Stewart performed as captain 2-stroke and really did a great job with all the improve and the lines for such short notice. This show was held for 3 days with 3 shows a day. I performed as myself, an American tourist, and performed a fire burn at the end of each show.  This was a great work opportunity and a fun show that the audience and kids really enjoyed.

Jet ski Pirates SetJet Ski Pirate.. jet skis

Mark Gomez’s Stunt Resume

Click Stunt Resume Photo bellow to view .PDF


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