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Daytona Freeride ‘16 by Spectrum Innovations

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Another year, another 100 plus hours of combined filming and editing. Got to squeeze in some riding as well this year! Huge shout out to the sponsors who make these type of videos possible and keep promoting the sport. Filmed by : Seth Zaluski with Spectrum Innovations and Editors Connect
Mike Zaluski with Spectrum Innovations

Edited by : Seth Zaluski

2015 Daytona Freeride Video by Spectrum Innovations. High Energy

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

My good friend, talented Freerider and Cinematographer Seth Zaluski of Spectrum Innovations created this cut of the 2015 Daytona Freeride that is in your face! So watch it in full screen with the volume very high and prepare to get pumped to go ride!

2015 Thrust Innovations Daytona Freeride by Watercraft Rider

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Check-out the incredible high-flying Personal Watercraft freeride action and surf racing as IJSBA racing legend Chris “Fish” Fischetti brings his new “Aquamoto” format to the 2015 Thrust Innovation Daytona Freeride.

2015 Daytona Freeride Video Coverage By JetGirls Racing

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Jet Girls Racing produced this great video recap of the 2015 Daytona Freeride event.

Hotel Swimming Pool Backflips & 2014 Daytona Freeride

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Thanks to my sponsor Thrust Innovations. I was chosen to ride in the host event hotel swimming pool to attempt to backflip during the main event night at the Daytona Freeride. With a great set up Rickter XFS Ninja with a DASA 1200cc engine it was accomplished and so much fun doing it.

Surf & Style Contest Champion and Back Flips in the Hotel Pool at the 2014 Daytona Beach Freeride Event

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

The round trip of driving 106 hours with my buddy Tanner Thomas to the 2014 Thrust Innovations Daytona Beach Freeride was well worth it with all that went down that weekend! To start things off this was the debut of my new T.C. Freeride built Rickter FR2 Evo- 1. The DASA 1000cc engine combined with the Skat-Trak 155 set back Magnum pump set up by Impros was and absolute rocket ship I had to slowly but surely dial in through out the weekend. Here are a few photos from my first ride Friday at the freeride followed by a killer event video by my friend, rider, and great video producer Seth Zaluski.


Team Rickter Photo Shoot

Rick Roy the owner and innovator behind Rickter/RRP flew into the event despite not feeling well. We were able to assemble all of the new Rickters and the trailer in the right lighting and take some team photos. This was an incredible experience to really bring the reality to being apart of a professional factory team after the last 8 years chasing this dream.  Bellow are a few photos from that shoot.


MotoOption Surf&Style Contest Champion

surfnstylechampLast year I rode in the contest against about 8 other competitors and took home the title of the 1st Surf&Style champion. This year I went head on against 12 other solid surf riders. The contest was run the same, individual 3 minute heats judged primarily on surf riding ability, style, and speed. Adapting to my new ski and making the best of the rough small surf, I pushed myself as hard as I could in 3 minutes and came out on top to defend my title as the 2014 Surf&Style champion! MotoOption Clothing sponsored the event and also put together this video bellow covering the entire event and this contest.

Saturday Night Back Flips In Event Hotel Pool

poolflipsceneThanks to event coordinator Nick Foederer, and Brian Vergin event title sponsor and owner of Thrust Innovations. I was chosen to be the freerider thrown into the pool with a brand new 30k Thrust Innovations built Rickter XFS Freestyle ski powered by a DASA 1200cc engine. This Jetski was full blown pro freestyle competition ready! Without ever practicing on this ski, I did my best and was able to rip a few flips in the hotel swimming pool that Saturday night without hitting the edges or bottom of the pool. It was the most rad experience thanks to the hundreds of friends at the event surrounding the pool cheering me on. To top it all off as soon as I got out of the pool was when i found out I had defended my title winning the Surf&Style contest making Saturday night the best night of my life so far in 2014! Bellow is a video put together by my twin brother from another new york mother Drew Supon recapping the entire pool back flip and contest winner announcement experience. Thanks Drew!

View My Event Photo Album

Click here or the the photo bellow to view my 2014 Daytona Beach Freeride event photo album

Mark Gomez At 2014 Daytona Freeride

It goes without saying that 2014 has kicked off with an incredible start thanks to all of my 2014 sponsors and friends who have supported me every step of the way.

Thank you so much, next stop… Mexico with Champion Time Pieces!


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