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My First Race in Parker, Arizona March 2010

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

In march I attended the ABPA Race tour stop in Parker, Arizona. I drove out with my good friend Eric Garcia who works for my fiberglass sponsor Performance Fiberglass and was also there to Race an open class Kawasaki Ultra 250. Liquid Militia team racer and one of the most generous guys I know Pete Zernik was there  to race 3 classes himself. Back at the Pimso freeride in March I spoke to Pete about the idea of racing but needed a ski to race. He had just had his back up limited class ski rebuilt and offered to let me race it there. With a about an hour of practice on the ski, I felt comfortable enough to hit the track and also practice some hole shots. Pete was not only super generous to let me race his ski but was also a great race mentor giving me some great pointers on how to have a great start and how to handle the boat around the track.

The entire event was great fun. I Ended up placing 3rd place overall both days racing the ski in novice ski limited class. I felt great with the results for being my first race. It was almost safe to say the thrill of racing a stand up with other people gunning for your position in rough waters and with a bunch of friends screaming at you to keep going was an incredible experience. The gnarliest thing about racing  a stand up is that hole shot. The hole shot is the beginning of a race where all the racers line up in waist high water with one other person they call their holder. The line woman signals us to start our skis which the holder helps the racer lift the back of the ski out of the water so the racer can rev out the ski to clear the exhaust system of water. They drop the ski into the water and keep the ski running at a high idle which is when the holder does or doesn’t do his or her job of holding the ski back and keeping it aimed straight. The Line woman tilts the flag and blows a whistle to signal the start of the race where all the racers leave the beach full throttle holding their line all for the first buoy.  That hole shot is crazy! I had a racer loose their line and come swaying over 4 lines over into me which i turned into them and made them bounce off me so i could keep my line. It was just the craziest part of racing becuase you can only see whats in front of you, its fast, and you cant see anything that isnt 3 feet in front of you.

Every night in between was an adventure with my good friends Kyla and Ryan of Liquid Militia. They sponsored a bed for me to sleep on for the event in their hotel room. This was super helpful of them and a ton of fun to stay with the party which we and many other friends of Liquid Militia took all over that casino/hotel those nights. Lots of shenanigans and good times the whole weekend those nights with good friends.

On the second day I ended up signing up for freestyle with permission from my friend Michael De Mauro to compete on his Yamaha Superjet he was competing on. My goal was to bring back 1990’s freestyle with old school fun tricks that no one does anymore but are still tricky and entertaining.  I went as far as writing down all the tricks i knew on my forearm to look at in the heat of my routine and remember what to do. No matter what i did I always kept fist pumping, the key to every successful freestyle entertainer’s routine. I went out there, had a great time and ended up bringing home the gold! Parts of my routine were captured by my good friends at Liquid Militia with their video from the event bellow.

It was an incredible weekend I have to thank Liquid Militia, Performance fiberglass, WORX racing components, and most of all Pete Zernik of for letting me race his ski that weekend along with all his time and support that came with it.

My overall results were:

3rd place overall Novice ski limited Rounds 1 & 2

1st Place Freestyle Round 2

New Jet Ski Solutions Electrical system!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

My electrical sponsor John of Jet ski Solutions has really taken care of me with my new complete electrical system for 2010!
My custom sponsorship service package came in the mail today.
John’s work is top notch and he does it all:
-Stator reconditioning
-Ignition coil upgrades
-Start stop switch bullet proofing
-Electrical box reconditioning and upgrades.

My Jet ski Solutions electrical box system..
is by far my favorite part of my engine system because of its reliability, functionality, accessibility, and ease of installation.

The Jet ski Solutions electrical box contains the following services starting with my custom wired MSD Enchancer.
Jet ski Solutions Stainless pin connectors from the electrical box, stator and start stop switch for ease of diagnosis and engine removal. Jet ski Solutions also installs their custom signature external terminal system, for the ease of installation, removal, accessory wiring, and charging of battery. This part of the electrical system is one of my favorites because of how nice it makes working with my electrical system. No more fighting my battery straps and hidden tools to reach my battery terminals to charge it. The external terminals make it so nice to install my bilge and tachometer power. Diagnosis of start stop relay couldn’t be any easier now either. Jet ski Solutions also provides new Stainless coarse threaded screws with nylon washers for optimum electrical box sealing. The back of the box is not only refinished to look better than an OEM electrical box but also is backed with bumpers on the back and large nylon washers for use on electrical box brackets to keep the box protected from ware and corrosion. I am so excited to install and use this electrical system with my new motor package.

My Favorite modification from Jet ski Solutions is their Ignition Coil service. They remove your old spark plug wires and caps. Then replace them with the thickest wires available for ignition systems and finished off with crimped and sealed MSD spark plug boots for optimum corrosion protection and the most juice you can get out of your system. This Service combined with their stator service and supercharged with the MSD enchancer provides that extra boost in your motor’s powerban and throttle response that you just cant seem to get without this set up!

The Jet ski solutions system cables are also a big plus. They use beefy cables along with large welding grade crimped terminal ends for optimal amp current transfer, durability, and connection.

Jet ski Solutions Yamaha start stop switches are top notch as well! completely re built with military grade anti corrosive components, new wires, and stainless bullet terminals to connect to the external terminals from the electrical box for ease of installation and problem diagnosis. No more corroded OEM terminal problems JSS has done their homework and worked with riders like me to constantly look for new ways to combat the corrosive conditions we put these switches under.

The Jet ski Solutions stator service I can’t say enough about other than Quality Quality Quality! They really put their time and professional service into making these stators above and beyond OEM standards. These stators are rewound for better than OEM charging and performance. the wires are all thicker for optimal current transfer and finished with the stainless bullet connectors for ease of installation, problem diagnosis, and removal. These stators are works of art, I don’t want to put this stator in a motor because it looks like it should hold a spot on a display case!

Overall i am very excited about my new Jet ski Solutions electrical system and accessories. I am more thankful though for the support from Jet Ski Solution, one of my most generous sponsors that has really given me 100% of their support in recognition for my achievements.

Check out their website at to check out all their great parts and services for your watercraft system today!

Official trailer for the new DVD “Rise of the Tide”

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Bryant Lambert and my friends at Liquid Militia have been working hard to produce the newest generation of watercraft motion pictures. I am extremely excited for this to release and also to be apart of the production. Make sure to pre order your copy at and get it before everyone else and a signed DVD cover!

Thank you for your support!

-Mark G.

My trip to World Finals 2008 Lake Havasu, AZ

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Hey everyone,

I am happy to have my blog up and running. Yet I do have some catching up to do now.

Two weeks ago I drove to Lake Havasu, AZ to attend the Annual IJSBA World Finals for PWC racing and Freestyle. Although I did not compete in any competitions here, it is one of the largest gatherings of major PWC industry venders such as, Wamiltons, Blowsion, Jet Pilot, PWC Illustrated, Rick Roy Products, Hydro turf, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, and many many more.

World Finals 2008 Slide show

I arrived mid afternoon Thursday October 9th, I walked straight over to home base at the Wamiltons customs tent where I was finally able to meet and talk to the entire Wamilton crew, including Wamilton himself. They take such good care of me, I couldn’t find enough words of gratitude. I made my way around to a few of the venders I was familiar with, including Mike, and Toni at Hydro Turf, and John Dady of Blowsion Kustoms.

I helped John Dady, and Ross Champion set up the Zach Waddle memorial tent. Zach Waddle and his girlfriend Libby were hit and killed by a drunk driver while walking back to their cabin in Oregon, during the Blowsion beach party I attended. Zach and Libby left behind their 1 year old son Mason, who has now lost both his parents. This booth was not only set up to honor and remember Zach, but mainly to raise money for Mason’s trust fund. Mason may have lost his parents, but with this booth, and the aid from countless Freeriders, and PWC enthusiast, we as a Freeride Family are there to take care, and provide the very brightest future for the little guy. For more information on Mason’s trust fund visit Please visit and contribute to Mason’s future today!

Ross and I signed posters we had printed for a dollar, and sold Freeride calendars, hats, and DVDs that all went straight to Mason’s trust fund. We had many generous people donate between $20-$80! It was a long day siting in the booth, yet it felt great to be contributing towards the little guys future.

That night Wamilton, and Hydro Turf Sponsored the night at Kokomo’s night club where we dropped a few Wamiltons ski’s in the pool, but did not ride them (shoot!).

The rest of the weekend was great! Amateur freestyle was fun to watch some young talent, and Pro Freestyle was one of the best Freestyle events I have seen in the last 3 years! I stayed at the house Wamilton and staff rented for the week, that was very nice! I was able to meet many people Including Ronny Mac, of Ronny Mac Photography, and his awesome girlfriend Ally. My highlight of the weekend was meeting my childhood stars/heroes from the classic jet ski movie I was raised watching: Jet Dreams.

Larry “The Ripper” Rippenkroeger

Chris “The Flyin Fish” Fischetti

Scott “Hollywood” Watkins

To meet them was unbelievable.

Saturday night was also the second IJSBA Hall of Fame Ceremony. “The Mayor of Oceanside,” awesome mentor, and good friend Randy Laine was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. That was an incredible honor for him, he is the first Freerider to be inducted. I could not be more proud of the guy, he is a walking definition of what defines a good true Freerider, he really deserved it.

Randy Laine “Mr. Mayor”

Last but not least, I got to see Joe Kenny. Joe still hardly has any vision, but has the biggest heart towards the sport and his friends. Seeing this champ really wakes me up to realize how great life is when you stay committed to your passion and friends. Love ya Joe.

Joe Kenny

This was an incredible weekend all around. I stayed till mid day Monday. I had had the opportunity to ride Eric Malone’s new Q8 Freestyle Ski. It was very interesting, I only wish I could have had a little more time on it.

The next weekend I was on the road to Pimso Beach for the Joe Kenny Freeride.

Check back soon for that blog!

Thanks everyone!

-Mark Gomez

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