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Australia Bound to Perform And Try out For Jon Cooke Entertainment Jet ski shows

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

My mind is pretty much mush right now as I am typing this, I am so excited…

I was just contacted this afternoon by Australian Pro Freerider and Jet Ski Stunt Coordinator, Jon Cooke. Jon operates and coordinates the absolutely gnarly Jet Ski Extreme stunt show at Sea World in Australia. Jon also manages and puts together tons of other Jet ski related events all around Australia, and has been working to expand his shows overseas, including the US.

I have been invited however to perform in the “Jet Ski Pirates” show for 5 days in Toowoomba, Australia. I am Leaving tomorrow (March 23rd) at Midnight and will be coming back on April 6th. While I am there I will have the opportunity to experience Australia, meet tons of new friends that I have got the chance to see in recent Freeride videos, eat tons of meat pies, pet kangaroos, see my American/Australian friend Kevin Rickon, ride some Australian surf, and finally try out for the opportunity to perform at the Sea World show for 3 months and live with world champion Pro Freestyle rider, Lee Stone! Lee Just called me earlier to see how everything was going and was super helpful and welcoming to the whole opportunity. I am still trying to put my sanity back together as I write this because I am leaving for another country with just a little more than 24 hours heads up..

So expect some updates while I’m over there and some footage from the trip of coarse. Over all my mind is completely blown and I will see my new Australian friends very soon!

Big thanks goes out to Jon Cooke, visit his website to see all of the action I may be able to be apart of in the next few months.

Until then.. cheers to 2 weeks in OZ Here we go!


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