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IJSBA World Finals 2013 – Lake Havasu, AZ

Monday, October 14th, 2013

I traveled to Lake Havasu city to meet up with my race family, KMG Racing. With a fresh new graphic wrap our Kommander Industries powered 1200 SXR was ready to rock and roll for my Amateur ski open motos. With a 7th place first moto finish followed by a hard driving 2nd moto with a 1st place finish put me in 3rd place over all in the world in my class! I also got on the line for Vintage 550 race class. I put up a strong fight to get the lead in the 1st moto when my brothers engine decided to stop working doing down the line for the 3rd lap which put an end to my vintage racing for the year. During the entire weekend I was in the WORX Racing Components booth representing the brand signing posters and selling my Gomer Bomb Floating sunglasses. I also supported young Brazilian rider David Prado by loading him my Matrix freeride ski to compete in Amateur freestyle. At the end of the weekend I got to enjoy Monday at body beach,  riding all of the industries best built flat water skis. Especially one ski that set my sights for my 2014 choice of ski..  Thank you to all of my family, friends, and my Sponsors who have supported me all year. 2014 Sponsorship and plans TBA soon..

Click here or the photo bellow to view my 2013 IJSBA World Finals Photo Album

hav_4815_edited-1-x33rd in the world 2013 AM ski Open class

UWP National Tour Stop Race – Sparks, NV 2013

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

On my way up north to a stunt job in Calgary, Canada. I made a mission to drive up a little early to compete at the UWP/IJSBA national tour stop race in Sparks, NV. Thanks to Brian Edwards and the crew at Bullet Racing, I was able to race Amateur ski open on a full blown 1200 Bullet V2 Kawasaki SXR hull. I ended up racing myself in Vintage 550, and I also rode with Daniel Martin and Jace Forrest in Freestyle on my Matrix. An eventful weekend seeing lots of industry friends and leaving with top 3 position titles in all of my classes! Next stop, Canada!

Click here or the photo bellow to view my UWP Sparks National Tour Stop Race Event Photo Album


Hot Products Cup Lake Perris Race 1/2 2013 – Perris, CA

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

One of my favorite races of the year.. since its so close ha! I turned up with my race family, KMG Racing. We had a rough 2 motos because of a sudden head o-ring leak. I ended up riding in the freestyle segment with guest Pro Freestyle rider Daniel Martin who managed to not kill me multiple times while barrel rolling his KDX1200 over me. To attempt to and do something as cool as that I took the Jettribe promo girl out for a hood ride 😉 overall it was a fun event.

Click here or the photo bellow to view my Lake Perris Round 1/2 Race Event Photo Album


Mark Gomez Pro Motosurf Race Moto 2 at the 2011 Blowsion SurfSlam

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Barry Blanchard also caught the second Pro Motosurf Race heat. This is the heat I came from dead last off the line to first around the starting turn and never looked back. Winning this heat crowned me the Pro Ski Motosurf Race Champion title. Thanks Barry!

Mark Gomez at 2011 DJSA “Jet Effect” Race

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

I hired the services of Marc Hagest at All American Videos/ to cover my weekend of racing at the DJSA “Jet Effect” Jet Ski race tour stop. I raced my Kommander Industries Freeride Superjet in Novice Ski 800 class and also raced the KMG Racing Blaster in the Sport Sit 1200 GP class. I placed 3rd in the ski class and 2nd in sport sit.

Liquid Militia at the APBA Hydro Turf National Tour Stop Round 1 & 2 Parker AZ Jet Ski Races. Parker, AZ

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Liquid Militia’s coverage of the 2010 Race rounds in Parker, AZ. With the help of my friend and racer Pete Zernik I had a ski to race Novice ski limited with and Mike Demauro let me use his ski to compete the second round of Freestyle. I ended up placing 3rd overall both rounds novice ski limited, and took 1st place the second round of freestyle!

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