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Mark Hahn 300 Mile Race 2012 Brief Recap

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Mark Clemons Photo from the back turn of the raceOn the weekend of February 25th I drove out to Lake Havasu with my friend and fellow KMG Racing team member Kris Ingram. My team of riders for this race were Bobby Kerns, Todd “Sarge” Young and I on the KMG Racing “Pink Taco” 226 Kawasaki SXR. The Race was one of the most physically and mentally demanding races I have ever been apart of. This race really tests your mind and endurance to keep pushing though the 12 minute 10 mile long laps. We made it a little overTeam mates Bobby Kerns, Todd "Sarge" Young and I half way through the race with consistent laps times before an engine cylinder base stud snapped, quickly leading to engine failure. The race was still super positive because we put down our tools after we learned the fate of our ski and helped pit our other riders to their victories. Congratulations goes out to KMG Team mates David Fekete, Luke Day, and David “Looter” Hardenburger for taking the 1st overall with record setting lap times aboard his #100 HydroSaki ski! KMG Racing also made a ton of noise being the 2012 Pit Crew of the year award for absolutely killing it in the pits which won the race.

I am brief about this write up because I will be writing a more detailed article about the Mark Hahn for the next issue of ProRider Magazine, so subscribe today! I have to thank KMG Racing for all of the support to have the opportunity to race their skis and to be welcomed into their race family/team.

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KMG Racing at Mark Hahn Awards 2012

KMG Racing was supported that weekend by the following sponsors:

Bomber EyewearMystik Lubricants Impros ImpellersWe Are MX Glovesand IPD Graphics.

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2010 Pismo Beach Spring Break Freeride & Rise of the Tide Premiere

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Uh oh

Fighting through yet again some more motor set backs.  Yet with the help of my good friends and sponsors at Pacific Motorsports I had torn apart my motor due to a piston failure and had my motor rebuilt in 3 days with just enough time to pack and leave for the 2010 Pismo Beach Spring break Freeride. Along the way I picked up my friend and rider Stacey Wells from The airport who flew in from Texas. We both made the 5 hour drive up the California coast hwy meeting Kyla and Ryan of Liquid Militia along with one of the industries most infamous East coast photographer Ronny Mac that they picked up from the airport as well.  The rest of the weekend went off with messy but massive surf. It was great being able to tear it up with all my good friends including Zack Bright, Chris Rosner, Ross Champion, Kris Ingram of Kommander Industries, Tomski, Jon Hall, Jack Sutton, Stanton High, Pete Zernik, Cuong Son, Jared Ajlouny, EJ, Glen Glorioso, Jerry Brandon JFB, and many many more. Local photographer Vanessa McCarthy was super cool to share some of the photos she snapped during the weekend.  I was also stoked that my best friends from home were able to make it out and see what the freeride scene was all about! On Saturday night Liquid Militia hosted the Premier of the new DVD Rise of the Tide by Bryant Lambert of Hypnotic Films. overall it was an extremely fun event everyone had a great time and I look forward to the next freeride to be able to see and ride with all the great people and friends of the Freeride scene.

Until the next event,
Mark Gomez

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