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My First Race in Parker, Arizona March 2010

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

In march I attended the ABPA Race tour stop in Parker, Arizona. I drove out with my good friend Eric Garcia who works for my fiberglass sponsor Performance Fiberglass and was also there to Race an open class Kawasaki Ultra 250. Liquid Militia team racer and one of the most generous guys I know Pete Zernik was there  to race 3 classes himself. Back at the Pimso freeride in March I spoke to Pete about the idea of racing but needed a ski to race. He had just had his back up limited class ski rebuilt and offered to let me race it there. With a about an hour of practice on the ski, I felt comfortable enough to hit the track and also practice some hole shots. Pete was not only super generous to let me race his ski but was also a great race mentor giving me some great pointers on how to have a great start and how to handle the boat around the track.

The entire event was great fun. I Ended up placing 3rd place overall both days racing the ski in novice ski limited class. I felt great with the results for being my first race. It was almost safe to say the thrill of racing a stand up with other people gunning for your position in rough waters and with a bunch of friends screaming at you to keep going was an incredible experience. The gnarliest thing about racing  a stand up is that hole shot. The hole shot is the beginning of a race where all the racers line up in waist high water with one other person they call their holder. The line woman signals us to start our skis which the holder helps the racer lift the back of the ski out of the water so the racer can rev out the ski to clear the exhaust system of water. They drop the ski into the water and keep the ski running at a high idle which is when the holder does or doesn’t do his or her job of holding the ski back and keeping it aimed straight. The Line woman tilts the flag and blows a whistle to signal the start of the race where all the racers leave the beach full throttle holding their line all for the first buoy.  That hole shot is crazy! I had a racer loose their line and come swaying over 4 lines over into me which i turned into them and made them bounce off me so i could keep my line. It was just the craziest part of racing becuase you can only see whats in front of you, its fast, and you cant see anything that isnt 3 feet in front of you.

Every night in between was an adventure with my good friends Kyla and Ryan of Liquid Militia. They sponsored a bed for me to sleep on for the event in their hotel room. This was super helpful of them and a ton of fun to stay with the party which we and many other friends of Liquid Militia took all over that casino/hotel those nights. Lots of shenanigans and good times the whole weekend those nights with good friends.

On the second day I ended up signing up for freestyle with permission from my friend Michael De Mauro to compete on his Yamaha Superjet he was competing on. My goal was to bring back 1990’s freestyle with old school fun tricks that no one does anymore but are still tricky and entertaining.  I went as far as writing down all the tricks i knew on my forearm to look at in the heat of my routine and remember what to do. No matter what i did I always kept fist pumping, the key to every successful freestyle entertainer’s routine. I went out there, had a great time and ended up bringing home the gold! Parts of my routine were captured by my good friends at Liquid Militia with their video from the event bellow.

It was an incredible weekend I have to thank Liquid Militia, Performance fiberglass, WORX racing components, and most of all Pete Zernik of for letting me race his ski that weekend along with all his time and support that came with it.

My overall results were:

3rd place overall Novice ski limited Rounds 1 & 2

1st Place Freestyle Round 2

Official trailer for the new DVD “Rise of the Tide”

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Bryant Lambert and my friends at Liquid Militia have been working hard to produce the newest generation of watercraft motion pictures. I am extremely excited for this to release and also to be apart of the production. Make sure to pre order your copy at and get it before everyone else and a signed DVD cover!

Thank you for your support!

-Mark G.

2010 Daytona Beach Freeride

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Sitting in the West Palm Beach airport now waiting for my flight back home, I have some time to recollect on the incredible weekend I had at the 2010 Daytona Beach Freeride. Right off the bat, I have to thank my sponsor Pacseal Hydraulics, without their financial aid this trip would not have been possible. Big thanks to my Sponsor and friends at Liquid Militia for helping me afford to pay Chris MacClugage to drive my ski across the country and back, and also for being my biggest on site supporters! Last but not least a big thanks to my good friend and rider DJ Grahm, and his Sweetheart for a wife Natalie. They welcomed me yet again to stay at their house the few days before and after the event, also getting me around town and to and from the event.

In Daytona, Friday was a little uneventful. Chris MacClugage didn’t show up with my ski until about 1pm, yet I wasn’t able to get it out of the trailer and install my new prototype AC Racing handle pole until about 3:45. I finished installing the new pole and was rushing my ski into the water at 4:30 with less than 30 minutes to ride before the beach closed at 5pm. unfortunately I was not able to ride and spent the next 3 hours pulling my carburetors apart to unstick my needle and seats that were stuck shut from the long transport. That night we all partied at the beach house about 10 min down from the event site where a huge pallet bonfire was lit, Pit bikes and mini ATC’s circled the party, and loud music kept everyone having a great time.

The next day I made sure to be the first one in the water, it was a stormy day with scattered rain and overcast conditions. I had a lot of fun riding but eventually came in after an hour very frustrated because I overlooked a component on the new handle pole that allows me to install a spring to reduce the weight I have to lift on the pole. I ended up taking an hour and a half to remove the new pole and install my old pole that I brought. This was the best thing I could do because I felt so much more comfortable and fluid riding with a handle pole spring.

A few hours later I signed up for the sickest trick contest Sponsored by Hydro-Turf. The ground rules were one person goes out and gets 5 waves to attempt to pull the sickest tricks you can. My first wave I pulled my first one handed re entry, the next wave I wanted to get a feel for how high I can launch myself and threw myself in a scary high barrel roll, the third wave I attempted a barrel roll Re entry which didn’t go so well. My fourth wave I went for the double barrel roll with only 15 ft to run at the wave when I wanted 30, I still made a hair over 1 ½ rolls. On my way in I attempted to barrel roll over a breaking wave but got sucked in and spit up the opposite side. Macc and Ant Burgess ended up splitting the title with Macc going for a huge double back flip attempt and Ant going huge on some back flip variables.
Later on when I went to go ride, I ended up sharing some waves and riding with child hood hero, Rick Roy. That was an incredible experience I really appreciated. That night we partied at the local club Razzles. A lot of shenanigans took place that night but overall it was a fun night meeting a ton of cool people, and having a great time with my friends at Liquid Militia.
The following morning I was again the first one in the water at 8:50 am to ride some really big and clean surf for Daytona. It was a beautiful morning and I rode my ski for about an hour and a half before my half tank of gas was empty. After I cleaned up the room I was in to check out, Natalie drove me to get more gas so I could ride for the rest of the day. Another 2 hour ride session left me extremely tired and ready to slow down for a few minutes until I was convinced to race in the amateur motosurf race. This ended up being the most fun thing I could of done next to the sickest trick all weekend.
Having never raced before I took advice from a few friends and race legend Chris MacClugage which was really helpful. His wife Rachel ended up finding a pair of race goggle for me to borrow which really came in handy! The first moto I ended up right behind the leader by a buoy before I ate it big time coming around the inside buoy. After a swift swim I was back in the race and held 3rd place until the end! The race was a promotional race where the top 3 amateurs raced in the Pro class vs. Chris MacClugage, Dustin Farthing, and a handful of other experienced racers for a $1000 prize.
Halfway through the race Macc and Farthing ended up breaking down and the amateurs took the same finishing position including myself beating the other racers on the track! I also ended up coming in front of a perfect launch wave on the final lap that I threw a barrel roll off which was really fun! The entire experience was super tiring after the entire weekend and the intensity of the race but I would not trade that experience for anything.

A 3 hour drive back to West Palm beach I spent a day at my main sponsor Wamiltons customs to relax, recoup, and help out around the shop before I ended up here at the West Palm airport writing this blog.Overall Daytona was a huge success and killer event. I had so much fun riding, and meeting a ton of really cool people. Now I have to get home, get my ski back from MacClugage in Havasu, and figure out how afford to get to the Australian Pro Invite Open February 20th!

Until the next event,
-Mark Gomez

Pre SurfSlam Update

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Wow the last month has been incredibly eventful with all kinds of ups and downs. Unfortunately the downs out way the ups but I’m keeping my head high and moving ahead full steam.

Where to start…

Four months ago in May I Sprained my ankle landing a rough Re entry bad enough to put me out for a grueling 5 weeks. However 5 weeks with an average 6 month recovery time for the severity of my sprain. My thanks goes out to the great staff at Fullerton Physical therapy and Doctors, Ron Cunningham and Steve Nicholas. I had physical training 3 times a week mixed with daily icing and electrical stem shock therapy. They really helped me out and got me back on my feet almost better than before. Thank you Fullerton Physical Therapy!

Then about a month ago, the day after i filmed my last video. I snapped my prototype AC Aluminum handlepole when I flat landed my first backflip.
A big thanks to Mike of AC Racing for handing me another handlepole to use right away. I was only down for a week while I sanded and shaped the new pole for my good friend and sponsor John Crab of Performance Fiberglass to paint.

Two weeks ago got caught slashing a wave that was too steep and sent my nose of my ski into the ocean floor as the wave crashed over me and my superjet. We were both held down a little longer than expected, with a faulty kill switch my engine was still idling and just as I surfaced water had flowed into my rear cylinder hydro locking it at the same time the front cylinder fired giving a non satisfying “clunk” noise. A few hours later back at my work and sponsor shop Pacific Motorsports I have the entire motor apart to reveal my worst nightmare that my 3 month old $400 Hot Rods Crank had bent a rod and fried my top end($300).

T minus 2 weeks and counting to surf

slam and I was looking at a FULL motor overhaul. This nightmare was well taken care of with my most grateful support from my boss Gordon at Pacific Motorsports for providing my engine seals, gaskets, a set of new 1.5mm overbore pistons, and for boring the cylinder right to spec. Then to come to my real rescue was Aron Davis of ADR who used the core of my hot rods crank and built me a bitchin OEM grade crank with OEM rods, bearings, and webs for an incredible price!

Monday my motor had hydro locked, and Saturday I worked from 9 AM to 3AM to finish rebuilding my motor, dropping it back into my ski, as well as re turfing my entire foot tray base of my ski with new Hydroturf and their new 26mm underpadding to help with better injury prevention. Huge thanks to my best friend’s brother and young Freerider Eric Gianetti was a huge help toward the late hours of the night, bringing me food and helping with misc odds and ends that would have taken me much more time to do than necessary.

The new motor works great minus and air leak which I just spent this last Saturday finding and fixing. bringing us to today. Now with a ripen motor and soft squishy tray, Randy Laine and I destroyed the small surf in Oceanside this morning. Tomorrow I will be back in the water with Ross Champion and Chris Rosner for our last O-side ride before we leave for Oregon Tuesday morning.

Next Friday I will be riding in my first competition ever at the 2009 Blowsion Surf Slam in Pacific City Oregon. This is the first time the IFWA has ever hosted an Amature Freeride class during a competition. However don’t let Amature fool you this class is packed with many young riders including myself who have been stepping up considerably for this event. I am extremely grateful to Jay and Leslie at Pacseal Hydraulics for financially sponsoring a generous portion of my expenses for this trip!
For more information on the event visit

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Wish me Luck and thanks for the support!


Obscurity & Divinity

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

A sneak peek at The Nascency Project’s: Obscurity & Divinity

This is an amazing video that will change the outlook upon our growing sport of jet ski Freeride.

My hat goes off to Chris, his videography is all inspiring to me I am happy he is apart of our sport.

New O-Side Crew Video

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Newest Video Featuring Chris Rosner and Myself riding with our new GoPro Helmet Cameras.


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