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3 Months Abroad Working at Jet Stunt Extreme Gold Coast, Australia 2013

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

I was hired by Jon Cooke Entertainment to fly out on an incredible 3 months living and working at the “Jet Stunt Extreme” live stunt show at Sea World, Australia. A killer experience living an endless summer, riding surf from time to time, meeting new friends, participating in freeride events, races, Sponsor WORX Photoshoots, performing one more time at the Toowoomba fair Jetski Pirates show and much more.

Click here or the photo bellow to view my Australian 2013 Photo Album



A New Beginning with Performance Fiberglass, Hydro-Turf, Kommander Industries, Impros, Cold Fusion, & Liquid Militia

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

It has been a while since I have been able to update my website but its time to give credit where credit is due and tell the story of how my 2011 Freeride ski came together.

Mark Gomez's 2011 Freeride ski

For the last 3 years I have been making the best of my OEM Black top White bottom 2004 Yamaha Superjet. This ski has worked great for me yet it has been super hard to grab a camera’s attention unless I was 15 feet from shore in perfect lighting. So after the midshaft on my ski broke I was motivated to completely part out the ski in order to fix the problem and while I was at it, strip down and repaint the ski. This would be the start of my “new” ski for the 2011 season.


With a totally gutted ski I made my way over to my Fiberglass sponsor shop, Performance Fiberglass in La Habra, CA. John Crabb there has supported me since the beginning when he helped me create the ultimate freeride 550. John is like a family member to me and I would not be where I am now if it was not for his support.
Mark Gomez's Freeride 550sx

I respect this sponsorship from John so much because he gives me more than a great looking and strong custom ski. Nothing of mine in that shop gets done without me coming in there and doing mostly all of the work myself. As I grind away and lay up fiberglass, John is right there handing me more materials that I need and showing me exactly how and why to do it. So overall it is the knowledge of fiberglass materials and body work that I have gained from working in the shop that really makes me appreciate all of the hard work that goes into fixing and modifying my jet ski.

I started out by sanding the entire ski down, removing all old logos, and patching up areas that needed fiberglass reinforcement and or repair. My frMark Gomez's old Black Freeride ski Before repaint iend Eric Garcia helped spray the primer coat on my ski as soon as it was ready which I then completely wet sanded down with 3 levels of high grade grits to prepare for the paint layers. From there we mocked up the general design with the pin stripe tape. After we were satisfied with what we created, it was time to spray the first base layer of black. From there we applied the pinstripe design again to mask off what would be the black pinstripe on the final product. From there we sprayed the next layer which was the gloss white. we then masked those portions off to spray the house of colors metallic blue. Moving on from there we masked off all the blue in order to spray the final color which was the metallic silver. When the paint mist settled we pealed off all of the masking to reveal a flat version of the final product. The shine then came from the immediate and final layer of the clear coat which tied all of the paint lines together, protects the paint from UV rays, and gives the boat that semi gloss finish. Eric Garcia helped me out big time by color sanding and buffing out the final clear coat to give it the beautiful mirror finish I did not trust myself to do right the first time. See the entire sequence bellow.

Eric Garcia Shooting my primer coatPrimer coatSanded down primer coat ready for paintPaint scheme mock upWhite base coat sprayedWhite paint area masked off

Metallic Blue sprayed Metallic Blue masked off to spray silverMetallic Silver sprayedMasking removed to reveal flat finishClear coat sprayed The final product color sanded


With the ski completely painted it was time to install the Hydro-Turf padding for the tray and rails of my ski. Hydro-Turf has supported me since the beginning of my riding career and has done the same for the entire industry. I personally believe Hydro-Turf it is the best traction product available for every Freeriding and freestyle jet ski application. With a paint scheme like this I did not want to do just one color. Which is where my imagination went wild with the recent release of Hydro-turf’s new line of 2-tone custom Hydro-turf. I ordered 4 different styles of the two tone all with black base in the cut diamond pattern.

The total Hydro-Turf materials I used for this ski added up to apx. $480.00 in value including the following:

1 sheet each of the following in Cut Diamond:
–Custom White top Black Bottom Custom 2 tone Hydroturf Rails
–Custom Royal Blue top Black Bottom
–Gray top Black Bottom Cut Diamond

-1 Sheet of Black Molded Diamond
-1 Sheet of 26mm under-padding
-1 Sheet of Gray 8mm under-padding
-1 Sheet of Black 9mm under-padding
-1 Handlepole Shock Pad (Superjet)
-1 1″ Kick tail


With the custom two tone colors, I painstakingly cut aligned and glued the different matching colors along the bond line of my ski to in a sense match the paint job flow. this process alone took my an entire day.

Shaped 26mm Hydro-Turf Under padding  After the rails were turfed I moved on to the tray of the ski where I padded the top of the rails with the 8mm gray under padding which shapes really easily using sand paper or a di-grinder sanding disc. When the padding was set I used the custom 2 tone White top with Black base for the sides with a Royal Blue Hydro-TurfRear view of Custom Hydro-Turf Job logo cut into the sides. After the side rails were complete, I installed the Black molded diamond dash. With all the side walls in the tray being turfed, it was time to work on what I believe is the most important part of personal protection available by Hydro-Turf, the under padding. The 26mm Black plush Under padding is the best padding to be used because of its extreme durability and dampening properties that prevent high impact injuries such as broken bones, sprains, and other impact related injuries. I utilize the 1″ kick tail slope in my footholds to brace the back of my heel with a soft but grippe resistance. When I put my weight back on my heel during a surf slash or “kick in” to my foothold, It feels snug. The biggest key to utilizing Hydro-Turf’s under padding is the ability for it to be shaped and sanded to your needs. I heavily shaped the rear padding to cleanly contour the footholds, the high spot where the 26 mm under padding comes over the top of the 1″ kick tail, and finally blending the sides of that slope down to cleanly meet the beginning of the side rails. Blending the underpad and creating smooth contours only makes the final layer of turf easier to apply.

      That being said after I had everything shaped, I then custom cut the base turf which I chose to use Black Molded Diamond. The 2 tone Hydro-Turf is extremely nice looking yet at the end of the day it is very thin Hydro-Turf laminated on top of Hydro-Turf. A high friction area like the base of the tray around the foothold area tends to ware the top thin color off quickly. The Molded Diamond is the toughest type of Hydro-Turf I like for tray base applications. After the turf was glued I seamed the blue in the black together with a thin strip of the Royal Blue two tone to blend the side of the rear rails together. The last part of the turf job was laying some custom cut 2 tone Gray with black on the inside of my hood to protect the hood from the rubbing of my hood straps. It would also to allow room for my semi legally located CF numbers. I also Turfed and installed my Tomski bolt on Front Foothold.

Custom Hydro-turfed hood
Mark Gomez 's Custom Turfed kicktail rear view close upTomski Front Foothold Turfed and Installed


With a fresh painted and turfed ski it was time to set it off with the sponsor logos that make it all happen for me. I took the ski over to my good friends and sponsors at Liquid Militia. Ryan Smith the lead graphic designer of the company took all of my sponsor logos and di cut them all with a matching 2 tone black and white accent. I cant say enough for how bad ass the logos came out and how they really set the ski off.  Thank you Liquid Militia!

Mark Gomez's SJ at SurfSlam 2011

Motor & Drive-line

With a killer looking ski it was time to get a heart to the beast by my new motor sponsor Steve Webster of Kommander Industries in Phoenix, Arizona. I drove out to Phoenix one weekend with the game plan of bringing home a running ski back to ride the next day in Oceanside. On the way up I stopped to pick up some parts from my impeller sponsor Impros, in Redlands, Ca. Owner David Stewart helped me out big time by getting me hooked up with a Skat-Trak 144mm Magnum Mark Gomez's Kommander Built 760CC Freeride EnginePump and with his Impros series “Hooker” 9/15 Prop. I have run this prop before in my normal pump and have had excellent results in turbulent water conditions such as ocean white water and rough water in general. The Magnum Pump processes the water so efficiently it really gives the best results that a motor can put out for any stand up. I left Impros and about 4 hours later I arrived at Kommander Industries. Where one of the Kommander Industries technicians and another good friend of mine, Chad Cole already had most of my motor assembled.

I brought the remaining pieces of the puzzle which included the box of Cold Fusion billet parts I was really excited to have on my ski. Carl Gramberg of Cold Fusion has been building some of the  best billet components in the world for just about everybody including the army since 1984. Carl besides being a billet mad scientist, is an avid freerider himself who still loves to see progress in the sport of freeride from riders he supports and has the ability to build new and innovative parts to keep that cycle of progress going further and higher. For this leg of my build I got a new Cold Fusion Billet Flywheel Cover that has a perfectly machined grove for the exact clearance of the special O-Ring he provides. This allows a gasket free seal which also Mark Gomez's Cold Fusion Partsmeans 100 percent water/leak free seal as well. Not to mention it looks bad ass! The next component I got was the Cold Fusion Billet light weight Yamaha Couplers. I have ran these couplers before and they are in fact the lightest, strongest, and in my opinion the best functioning drive-line couplers available. They are not only light but they are much smaller in diameter which reduces the outside spinning mass when compared to the huge OEM Yamaha engine couplers. Being smaller with 3 large coupler teeth helps make engine alignment a lot easier to do with a closer clearance between coupler teeth. With a lightened flywheel and these couplers I have noticed amazing response in the bottom end “hit” and acceleration from my ski. The last bit of billet goodness I am the most excited about, is the complete set of Cold Fusion’s Billet Motor Mounts. These mounts have a billet base with a somewhat complex billet tower machined above it which is then engulfed in vulcanized rubber which is a process that literally welds the rubber to the billet aluminum. This process not only makes the motor mounts virtually un-breakable,but  having the vulcanized rubber also gives these motor mounts better dampening properties than OEM mounts! With the design of the billet mounts you no longer need to run the Kenney Keeper engine restraints because these mounts do not let me motor flex forward on high impact stops! Over all I am really impressed and happy that these are the first and last motor mounts I will purchase for this ski. Carl has out done himself with this space age jet ski technology and cant thank him enough for his support!

Cold Fusion Billet O-Ring sealing Flywheel Cover for Yamaha EnginesCold Fusions Revolutionary Vulcinized Billet MotormountCold Fusion Light Weight Billet Yamaha Driveline Couplers

Back to Kommander Industries, Chad Cole helped me assemble my entire ski from the ground up with all the components that were loose or missing. The engine package they put together for me is a Yamaha 701cc cylinder punched out to 760cc and ported by Steve Webster. The internals consist of a killer billet stock stroke crankshaft from my good friends Aaren Davis and Jeff Seebold at ADR/Competitive cranks, Non-ported 62T cases, Delta V force 2 Reeds with a Reed spacer kit, Black Jack Performance modified 38mm Carburetors, Kommander Industries Girdled billet head, LPW lightened OEM Flywheel, Jet ski Solutions Stator, Cold Fusion Flywheel cover, Cold Fusion Light weight couplers, and a Kommander Industries Port matched Factory B Pipe with Mod Chamber. In a matter of a few hours and a few squirts of primer fuel my freeride ski growled to life. It had been such a long journey to get my ski back together it was hard to believe that it was actually my own ski that fired up. After taking it out to break it in and a quick tuning session in Oceanside it is safe to say that this is the BEST freeride motor package I have ever had! The motor absolutely rips with only 140lbs of compression. I’ll go ahead and say who ever said you cant get power out of a low compression motor is foobar and clearly has not ridden a Webster motor! This motor has tons of power given its maximum potential which is propelled by the Magnum pump with an Impros Hooker impeller. All in all, If you are looking for a simple, reliable, and mostly powerful freeride motor then give Steve Webster a call and have him build you a killer engine package like mine!

Mark Gomez's Kommander Industries Engine Installed

Mark Gomez's Kommander built EngineThis engine has not only been a great freeride engine but since I have built this ski to the time I am writing this, I have placed 3rd overall in a race class against full blown limited 800cc stand ups, and taken 1st place race titles at the Grayland Open Pro Motosurf race class and the Pro Ski Class at the 2011 Blowsion Surf Slam. This set up I have is FAST… simple… but really freakin FAST!  Go visit now!

Big thanks to Steve Webster, Hydro-Turf, Liquid Militia, Performance Fiberglass,
Cold Fusion, Impros, and all of my other sponsors for coming together to help build one kick ass Freeride ski!

Steve Webster of Kommander Industries and Mark GomezMark Gomez's Pro Motosurf Race Winning Superjet

Thank you for your support,

Mark Gomez 1st on podium for 2011 Grayland Pro Motosurf Race

-Mark Gomez

My First Race in Parker, Arizona March 2010

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

In march I attended the ABPA Race tour stop in Parker, Arizona. I drove out with my good friend Eric Garcia who works for my fiberglass sponsor Performance Fiberglass and was also there to Race an open class Kawasaki Ultra 250. Liquid Militia team racer and one of the most generous guys I know Pete Zernik was there  to race 3 classes himself. Back at the Pimso freeride in March I spoke to Pete about the idea of racing but needed a ski to race. He had just had his back up limited class ski rebuilt and offered to let me race it there. With a about an hour of practice on the ski, I felt comfortable enough to hit the track and also practice some hole shots. Pete was not only super generous to let me race his ski but was also a great race mentor giving me some great pointers on how to have a great start and how to handle the boat around the track.

The entire event was great fun. I Ended up placing 3rd place overall both days racing the ski in novice ski limited class. I felt great with the results for being my first race. It was almost safe to say the thrill of racing a stand up with other people gunning for your position in rough waters and with a bunch of friends screaming at you to keep going was an incredible experience. The gnarliest thing about racing  a stand up is that hole shot. The hole shot is the beginning of a race where all the racers line up in waist high water with one other person they call their holder. The line woman signals us to start our skis which the holder helps the racer lift the back of the ski out of the water so the racer can rev out the ski to clear the exhaust system of water. They drop the ski into the water and keep the ski running at a high idle which is when the holder does or doesn’t do his or her job of holding the ski back and keeping it aimed straight. The Line woman tilts the flag and blows a whistle to signal the start of the race where all the racers leave the beach full throttle holding their line all for the first buoy.  That hole shot is crazy! I had a racer loose their line and come swaying over 4 lines over into me which i turned into them and made them bounce off me so i could keep my line. It was just the craziest part of racing becuase you can only see whats in front of you, its fast, and you cant see anything that isnt 3 feet in front of you.

Every night in between was an adventure with my good friends Kyla and Ryan of Liquid Militia. They sponsored a bed for me to sleep on for the event in their hotel room. This was super helpful of them and a ton of fun to stay with the party which we and many other friends of Liquid Militia took all over that casino/hotel those nights. Lots of shenanigans and good times the whole weekend those nights with good friends.

On the second day I ended up signing up for freestyle with permission from my friend Michael De Mauro to compete on his Yamaha Superjet he was competing on. My goal was to bring back 1990’s freestyle with old school fun tricks that no one does anymore but are still tricky and entertaining.  I went as far as writing down all the tricks i knew on my forearm to look at in the heat of my routine and remember what to do. No matter what i did I always kept fist pumping, the key to every successful freestyle entertainer’s routine. I went out there, had a great time and ended up bringing home the gold! Parts of my routine were captured by my good friends at Liquid Militia with their video from the event bellow.

It was an incredible weekend I have to thank Liquid Militia, Performance fiberglass, WORX racing components, and most of all Pete Zernik of for letting me race his ski that weekend along with all his time and support that came with it.

My overall results were:

3rd place overall Novice ski limited Rounds 1 & 2

1st Place Freestyle Round 2

New Jet Ski Solutions Electrical system!

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

My electrical sponsor John of Jet ski Solutions has really taken care of me with my new complete electrical system for 2010!
My custom sponsorship service package came in the mail today.
John’s work is top notch and he does it all:
-Stator reconditioning
-Ignition coil upgrades
-Start stop switch bullet proofing
-Electrical box reconditioning and upgrades.

My Jet ski Solutions electrical box system..
is by far my favorite part of my engine system because of its reliability, functionality, accessibility, and ease of installation.

The Jet ski Solutions electrical box contains the following services starting with my custom wired MSD Enchancer.
Jet ski Solutions Stainless pin connectors from the electrical box, stator and start stop switch for ease of diagnosis and engine removal. Jet ski Solutions also installs their custom signature external terminal system, for the ease of installation, removal, accessory wiring, and charging of battery. This part of the electrical system is one of my favorites because of how nice it makes working with my electrical system. No more fighting my battery straps and hidden tools to reach my battery terminals to charge it. The external terminals make it so nice to install my bilge and tachometer power. Diagnosis of start stop relay couldn’t be any easier now either. Jet ski Solutions also provides new Stainless coarse threaded screws with nylon washers for optimum electrical box sealing. The back of the box is not only refinished to look better than an OEM electrical box but also is backed with bumpers on the back and large nylon washers for use on electrical box brackets to keep the box protected from ware and corrosion. I am so excited to install and use this electrical system with my new motor package.

My Favorite modification from Jet ski Solutions is their Ignition Coil service. They remove your old spark plug wires and caps. Then replace them with the thickest wires available for ignition systems and finished off with crimped and sealed MSD spark plug boots for optimum corrosion protection and the most juice you can get out of your system. This Service combined with their stator service and supercharged with the MSD enchancer provides that extra boost in your motor’s powerban and throttle response that you just cant seem to get without this set up!

The Jet ski solutions system cables are also a big plus. They use beefy cables along with large welding grade crimped terminal ends for optimal amp current transfer, durability, and connection.

Jet ski Solutions Yamaha start stop switches are top notch as well! completely re built with military grade anti corrosive components, new wires, and stainless bullet terminals to connect to the external terminals from the electrical box for ease of installation and problem diagnosis. No more corroded OEM terminal problems JSS has done their homework and worked with riders like me to constantly look for new ways to combat the corrosive conditions we put these switches under.

The Jet ski Solutions stator service I can’t say enough about other than Quality Quality Quality! They really put their time and professional service into making these stators above and beyond OEM standards. These stators are rewound for better than OEM charging and performance. the wires are all thicker for optimal current transfer and finished with the stainless bullet connectors for ease of installation, problem diagnosis, and removal. These stators are works of art, I don’t want to put this stator in a motor because it looks like it should hold a spot on a display case!

Overall i am very excited about my new Jet ski Solutions electrical system and accessories. I am more thankful though for the support from Jet Ski Solution, one of my most generous sponsors that has really given me 100% of their support in recognition for my achievements.

Check out their website at to check out all their great parts and services for your watercraft system today!

Havasu bound for race training with Chris MacClugage

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

I am about to leave to stop by Kyla and Ryan of Liquid Militias house to drop off some parts for their skis. Soon after I will be picking up Chris MacClugage’s new triple cylinder Kawasaki Motor for his GP SXR from a great engine builder and porting guru Jeff Jensen of Top End Performance. After i pick that up I will be heading down to Skat-Trak to pick up pump system and accessories for him as well. From there its off to Havasu where I will be riding my friend Tom Suchodolski’s 2008 Yamaha Superjet at Body Beach practicing for my upcoming race in Parker AZ. Chris MacClugage will be there testing his skis as well giving me pointers and teaching me the things i need to learn about closed coarse racing. It should be a fun weekend and I look forward to learning a lot. For more information on the Race in Parker next week visit


-Mark Gomez

Eventful weekend at the Dana Point to Avalon PWC Offshore Race 2010

Friday, April 9th, 2010

It all kicked off with a BBQ at Kyla and Ryan of Liquid Militia’s house. Where almost the entire PWC Offshore community met up at as they ate great food, prepared skis, and watched the new DVD by Liquid Militia and Hypnotic Films, Rise of The Tide. Chris and his Wife Rachel MacClugage were there as well hanging out and preparing Chris’s Yamaha FZR for the next day’s sprint. We all woke up the next morning around 5 am to leave for the Dana Point harbor. After the riders meeting everyone launched their ski’s including myself with my superjet and my brother Philip Gomez and his Sea Doo RXP. We all rode just outside of the harbor to watch Chris and all of the other Offshore racer’s line up and fire off toward Avalon. After they took off Kyla, Ryan, Bryant, my brother, and I decided to go down the coast on a hunt for some surf to ride. After a little barrel roll session in a what I thought was a private cove. I was hitting these random large waves which I came to realize were there because there were random Large rocks all over this little area. I decided then that I loved the way my body was in one piece so we made our way back when I found out the local coast guard/rangers were watching but not as happy as I was about riding there. They were cool and let me go with a warning. Chris MacClugage ended up taking first overall in the race! We all flushed out the skis and walked over to the Dana point Jet Ski rental and service shop for the awards. It was a cool little ceremony Kyla’s mom and head of K38 water safety, Shawn Alladio ended up taking 9th place and first in her class! After the awards we all drove down the street to the local Chronic Tacos Mexican joint. It was there when the Liquid Militia slap on stickers came out and blew up Liquid Militia all over that Chronic Taco establishment. Just as we all got our food and stickered the entire place up, we couldn’t begin to eat without getting some proper entertainment on the Chronic Taco Flat screen. What else could we put in but the new DVD Rise of The Tide! It was a really fun and eventful day, Chris MacClugage worked hard for the gold so I am super stoked for his results.

Liquid Militia taking over Dana Point's Chronic Tacos joint

Pre-race BBQ at the Liquid Militia house watching Rise of The Tide DVD

Until the next event, Mark Gomez

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