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Joe Kenny Freeride October 17th-19th 2008

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Hey everyone,

Still catching up here with my blog updates. Two weeks ago, right after my weekend in Lake Havasu, I loaded up the car, ski, my girlfriend Monica, and was off to the Joe Kenny Freeride in Pismo Beach CA.

Slide show available here, and in the photos page.

The drive was not bad at all considering the drive to Havasu the previous week was an extra hundred miles. Monica kept me company this time too, for the little time she was actually awake. We arrived in Pismo around 9:30am and met Chris Ronser, his dad, and Kevin Maul at the local IHOP for breakfast. From there, Monica and I drove to the beach, I aired down the tires in my accord and trailer, and began the 2 mile sand romp to the campsite of the Freeride. We arrived at the Freeride to see roughly 15 riders in the water. It was great to see so many familiar faces, it is truly a great community of riders, and people in Freeride.

It wasn’t more than 30 minutes upon arrival, that I was launching the ski into the Pismo surf. The weather was the best I have ever seen. Clear skies, minimal wind, warm air, comfortable water, and decent sized surf. I rode almost all day until the camper that Chris’s Dad rented for the weekend was delivered. That night I heated up one of the 2 meals my mom had pre-cooked for our weekend vacation. After dinner, we played a little Frisbee in what must have been the most random fog. It showed up with 15ft visibility around 6pm and left by morning. After the game, we all hit the hay to wake up and demolish the morning surf.

Saturday morning we awoke to find that almost the entire Oceanside crew had drove in overnight, and were parked all around our camper. Ross Champion, Eddie, Jake, Brad, John, Jerry, and Randy Laine, were all out riding the surf. It was a great ride, the surf was great, and the weather stayed clear all day. I rode around with Fuzzy and Randy mixing it up, and learning a few things about my technical surf riding. Later in the day, I had the opportunity to ride with John Dady, the owner of Blowsion. It was a blast surf riding with him, because he is a true Freerider who started and rode old 440’s and 550’s in the surf. It was a whole day of almost pure riding burning close to 10 gallons of gas! That night I pursued Chris, his dad, and Kevin to come with Monica and I to “The Firestone Grill” in downtown San Luis Obisbo about 15 minutes away from Pismo. It was an interesting drive remembering where to turn from the last trip in March, but it was COMPLETELY worth the drive. The food is so good there; my mouth is watering just thinking about it. We made it back to the campsite in time to watch Daylite Ramsey’s video tribute titled, “for JK(Joe Kenny)” It was a nice video and had many great interviews with pro riders who respect and admire Joe Kenny and the person he is. After the video Ross Champion and Joe Kenny presented a completely unexpected award the pro riders created this year.

Recieving the Joe Kenny Rookie of the year award

The Joe Kenny Rookie of the year Freerider award went to myself and Chris Rosner who has traveled around and rides in Oceanside with me. It was an over the top gesture from the riders; it left me speechless and full of gratitude. After the award, they had a raffle for items donated to raise money for Joe’s recovery fund.

After that, Monica and I were both tired and retreated back to the RV to get some sleep for the early morning. Before I could fall asleep, I couldn’t miss the sight of our RV window randomly glowing orange and a distant cheer as Eddie threw  3 gallon trash bags of gas in the bonfire creating a few super fireballs that you could most likely see from space.

The next morning I woke up around 7:30 to be the first one out in the water. That is,until I went outside and felt how chilly the morning air was! I decided to eat a little breakfast, and slowly get my gear on. I ended up being the 4th or 5th rider out, but the water was very chilly that last morning until the sun finally appeared. I rode almost the entire morning. A video crew came around, and interviewed me, and filmed some of my riding. I am curious to see what they produce down the road. Other than that, there were close to 30 riders out surf riding at one part of the morning. I decided enough was enough around 11am. My body was tired from the long two weeks and all the riding that weekend. Chris’s dad cooked a few burgers and hot dogs on a little grill they brought. We ate the burgers, packed up our stuff, and cleaned the RV out. I was back on the road around 2pm, and made it home around 6:30pm.

It was a great trip, and an awesome turnout for Joe. We raised a little under a $1,000 for his medical expenses to help him recover his vision. I met many people, and was able to see, and ride with many other friends from many different places. Monica had a great time, I was happy she was able to make it to this Freeride and get a feel for the Freeride environment and community. Again, am so happy to be a part of such a respectful and loving family of Freeriders. These Freerides are what bring us together, and build the sport as we bring more and more, people along to enjoy it with us.

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